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El Dorado Hops

CLS Farms works directly with our licensed growers to ensure you have the highest quality of hops for your beer.

Our partner growers


Champoux Farms
Cornerstone Ranches
Favilla Brothers Inc
Firewater Ranch
Lenseigne Farms Inc
Leo Gasseling & Sons Inc
Loza Farms
GTB AG Services
Puterbaugh Hop Farms
Roy Farms
Shinn & Son Inc
Wenas Hop Company
Oasis Farms Inc


Deruyter Properties, L.P.
Gooding Farms
Jackson Hop Farm
Obendorf Farms
Weilmunster Farms 


Crosby Hop Farm


Flathead Valley Hops


Hop Head Farms
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El Dorado hops grower guide

Growing Practices

CLS Farms works with its partner growers so you only brew with the highest quality El Dorado® hops. This hop is a high yield performer but requires a higher string density than conventional varieties to build a larger vine structure. Strong attention to fertility is also required to achieve proper vine structure.  

Active water management is needed because
El Dorado® can be sensitive to over-irrigation. Disease and pest wise, El Dorado® is moderately susceptible to powdery mildew but controllable. To ensure global availability of El Dorado® hops, there is a strong focus on being compliant with the European Union Maximum Residue Levels (MRL) for crop protection tools.

In 2021,  the El Dorado® Grower Guide was created to provide a set of standards to maintain quality among all growers. You can read it here.

Download our Grower Guide

Picking Window

El Dorado® hops elicit different aromas dependent on maturity and harvest window. Partner growers are supplied with a detailed harvest time frame and work with CLS Farms staff to monitor peak ripeness. A decade of sensory work with brewers and growers has given us a deep understanding of when to harvest El Dorado®.

Early Maturity
Aroma Notes: citrusy, brighter
Middle Maturity
Aroma notes: melon/watermelon, pear
Peak Maturity
Aroma Notes: stone fruit, tropical, hard candy, cherry, deeper


The el dorado hop guarantee

Our quality assurance program FlavorEdge™ gives growers specific guidelines on drying, conditioning, and baling El Dorado®. As part of the grower licensing agreement, growers are required to adhere to the following guidelines:  

Kiln Bed Depth: Laid 28” to 30” deep
Drying: Lower bed temperature rate of 125ºF to 135ºF  
Air: Use the highest air velocity allowable by kiln bed weight  
Conditioning: A minimum of 12-hours cooling time before baling

These guidelines help to ensure that El Dorado® hops remain uniform across the production spectrum for dealers and brewers.


El Dorado Hops

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El Dorado Hops

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