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the tropical hop

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Brew your best beer with the flavors you want. But with so many varieties, how do you choose? Use El Dorado® hops for flavors of bright pineapple, juicy peach, and sweet lemon. Add El Dorado® to your beers and orient your supply chain the way you want it.


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El Dorado® is a free market proprietary hop variety grown by 23 unique growers in the United States and distributed by 18 licensed dealers globally. Here’s your opportunity to orient your supply chain as needed, giving you freedom for your beer. 

partner growers
El Dorado Sunglassesalexandra nowell brewing at varietal beer company
El Dorado Badgethree floyds smelling el dorado hops

Flavors and aromas

Early harvested aromas of pear and melon mature into deep, tropical and stone fruit aromas. A flavor for every beer drinker. Find out how El Dorado® fits into your hop bill.

Aroma Profile


El Dorado®  was cultivated and released by CLS Farms, a fifth generation hop farm located in Yakima, WA. Owners Shelley and Eric Desmarais of CLS Farms will celebrate its 25th anniversary in 2021. CLS Farms is also known for its Centennial, Cascade, Chinook, and thirteen other varieties.

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El Dorado Sharkcls farms family
quality assurance program for el dorado hops


The el dorado hop guarantee

El Dorado® is grown to the highest quality standards through our quality assurance program: FlavorEdge™. CLS Farms works with every grower to ensure your El Dorado® is grown and processed consistently.

History of El Dorado

Breweries Using El Dorado

Sierra Nevada
Stone Brewing
Three Weavers
Bare Bottle
Other Half
Trillium Brewing Company
Icicle Brewing Company

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el dorado hops and brew king challenge asia brewers network
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