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A special, dual-purpose hop variety with exceptional aroma qualities and high alpha acids.


Alpha Acids


Beta Acids


Total Oils

Aroma Profile

El Dorado®’s aroma profile is described as a fruit cocktail that make this tropical hop usable in all beer styles. This tropical hop can meet the needs of any brewer and fit into all beer styles.

Maturity dates elicit different aromas and flavors. Early maturity evokes aromas of citrus, while middle maturity evokes watermelon and pear. For deeper aromas, peak maturity elicits tropical aromas of pineapple and mango, stone fruit, and candy lemon and cherry.
el dorado aroma profile
Oil Breakdown

Total Oil Breakdown

El Dorado® has a total oil range of 2.5 mL/g to 3.5 mL/g, giving brewers more intensity in their beers. Higher total oils pack in more of a punch, so brewers can brew with more juicy and tropical flavors that make El Dorado® perfect for all beer styles.


The el dorado® hop guarantee

Our quality assurance program FlavorEdge™ gives growers specific guidelines on drying, conditioning, and baling El Dorado®. As part of the grower licensing agreement, growers are required to adhere to the following guidelines:  

Kiln Bed Depth: Laid 28” to 30” deep
Drying: Lower bed temperature rate of 125ºF to 135ºF  
Air: Use the highest air velocity allowable by kiln bed weight  
Conditioning: A minimum of 12-hours cooling time before baling

These guidelines help to ensure that El Dorado® remain uniform across the production spectrum for dealers and brewers.
Brew with El Dorado hops throughout the beer making process

Brewing Techniques

The glue for your beer.  

Kettle: Clean bittering qualities for more focused, bright citrus flavors.
Whirlpool: Sweeter citrus flavors with more nuance.  
Dry Hop: Make your dry hop pop with tropical hard candy, stone fruit, and sweet cherry and lemon.

Pair El Dorado® with other hop varieties like Citra®, Centennial, Mosaic®, Comet, Cashmere, and Sabro® to make your beer burst with with flavors.

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