Planting Success
CLS Farms has several new and unique hop varieties in development.

Quality and Quantity

Aroma varieties with higher yield capacity will drive down brewing costs.

Farm to Market
Distribution channels offer
easy access to hops in the
United States and Europe.

Family owned and operated since 1996:

El Dorado was developed by CLS
Farms and formally released in the
fall of 2010; CLS farms is a multi-
generational, medium sized, family
hop farm located in the Moxee Valley
of Washington State.

The Moxee Valley is a sub-growing
district of the Yakima Valley and has
a slightly cooler climate and is located
in the northern part of the Yakima
Valley. Due to its cooler temperatures,
outstanding aroma crops are grown
there. Another unique characteristic
of the Moxee Valley is the extremely
high density of hop yards.

In fact, in the Moxee Valley it is almost
impossible to avoid driving by a hop
yard and all the main commercial
varieties are produced there.